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Instantly create beautiful online Self-Service Knowledge Base, Private Team Knowledge Base, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Document360 features

Features for End Users : Experience lighting fast search, smooth navigation, better brand identity and highly structured documentation

Clutter free user interface : Document360 customer facing knowledge base is designed keeping one thing in mind “A clutter free user interface that help customers find answers to their problems”.

Responsive Design : Responsive design of the knowledge base adjusts to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. Example: Desktop, Phone and Tablet will have different views.

Tree View Navigation : The tree view navigation helps customers to visualize the full structure of your knowledge base. Helping them to move from one category to another easily.

Instant Category Filter : A special category specific filter helps customers to narrow their categories selection.

Category Emoji : Easily identify the right category or content through category Emoji.

Help customers find what they are searching for : Create frictionless find-to-article paths by connecting users with exactly what they’re looking for, with lightning fast and highly relevant search.

Table of Content : Help customers navigate a lengthy article with Table of Content so they can jump between sections easily.

Call Outs : Highlight articles sections if they need special attention (Error, Warning, Info)the content.

Code Blocks : Embed your code in the articles easily, with language specific (Java, Json, C#..) highlighter with easy copy option.

Branding & Appearance : Match the Knowledge base design with your brand identity. It is important to have better Information accessibility than availability. Hence, create an information architecture that leads users to the right category or topic.

Advanced Customization : Include custom CSS to define styles for your web page colours, fonts, layout etc. Custom Javascript can be included to achieve a specific function or integration.

Landing page : Better information architecture : It is important to have better Information accessibility than availability. Hence, create an information architecture that leads users to the right category or topic.

Corporate Logo/Favicon : Upload your logo and custom favicon to reflect your corporate branding.

Color Theme : Choose your primary and secondary colours from the colour palette.

Header/Footer Navigation : Customize your portal header and footer to match the same style as your corporate branding.

Features for Editors and Writers Experience multi product knowledge base with user friendly editor, unlimited categories, version control and advanced analytics.

State of the art editor : Our modern Markdown editor brings your knowledge base documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. You can easily add links, images, videos, code, lists, tables and call outs.

Organise your content in a structured hierarchy

Friendly Interface : Context menu on each category and article helps to do routine things like add category, sub-category, article, rename, delete, hide and icon selection seamless.

Drag & Drop support : Easily move categories, sub-categories and articles to desired location in the hierarchy.

Unlimited Categories : No limits on the number of categories. You can easily incorporate all your sub-categories with related categories.

Public (self-service) Knowledge Base : A good self-service knowledge base makes it easy for your customers to find answers without reaching your support team.

Private (internal) Knowledge Base : Effective communication is fundamental in running a successful company/team – and that starts with your key internal knowledge base.

Version History : Get the complete history of the article version performed by your team. Never lose previous versions.

Rollback to previous version : If you accidentally published a wrong version, you can easily roll back to previous version of the document.

Difference Viewer : Select any two version from the article version history and clearly view the differences.

Manage multiple knowledge bases from a single place : You can manage multiple knowledge bases from a single place.

Bulk operations to speed up things : Bulk Publish based on Tag(s) : You can filter articles with specific tag(s), example: version-8-release and bulk publish them on the release date.

Bulk Move, Delete or Hide : You can perform bulk operations on a group of articles like moving them from one category to another, hide them or even delete them.

Rich Filtering Options : You can filter by tags, days, article status (published, draft), authors, and categories. Helpful when you have a large knowledge base.

Team Roles : Users can be added to your knowledge base with different roles like Owner, Admin, Editor, Draft Writer and Readers.

Comments on Articles : You can build your knowledge base in a collaborative way, you can provide private feedback on each article and @mention the users to send notification.

Organise Assets : Organise your images, videos, PDF, Word/Spread Sheet Documents, Zip files in a manageable folder structure relevant to your knowledge base.

Search : Quickly find your assets using instant search by file name, tags or meta data properties.

Bulk Operations : Perform bulk operations on your media assets like moving from one folder to another, delete and tag.

Reporting & Analytics : Understand what your customers are searching for, what they’re finding (and not finding), and what percentage of customers still reach out to your support team.

Performance Overview : Understand the quality of your knowledge base by getting metrics like leading articles, categories, authors, feedback and visitors countries.

Search Overview : Search is super critical for your knowledge base success. Our search reporting will highlight the popular searches on the platform and more importantly search terms for which the users are not finding the articles. This will help improve your knowledge base.

Multi channel notifications : Get notified for all the key events that happens in your knowledge base like articles published, team members added/removed, categories reorganized, security changes and appearance changes.

Document360 supports wide variety of notification channels like Slack, WebHooks, Email and Microsoft Teams.

Document360 pricing

Startup : $49*
Business : $149*
Enterprise : $299* Enterprise Plus : $499*

*prices mentioned are for per project, per month I *Billed Annually

Document360 screenshots

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