Frontegg provides a powerful user management infrastructure, designed for modern applications.

About Frontegg

Frontegg is a user management platform, designed for the Product-Led Growth (PLG) era. Frontegg provides blazing-fast integration of a powerful user infrastructure, designed to handle modern application use-cases.

Our platform supports app builders by covering all the way from fundamental authentication flows to the most advanced capabilities such as complex organizational structures (multi-tenancy), fine-grained authorization, API-token management, self-service admin portal for end-users, subscription enforcement, single-sign-on (SSO), and much more.

Frontegg’s interfaces are embedded as a UI layer within your app and becomes a customer-facing management interface for your end-users, both on the personal and workspace levels. Frontegg also powers-up your backend through rich SDKs supported in various languages and frameworks.

Frontegg features

  • Frontegg's Authentication layer is a customer-facing layer that allows your end-users to gain full control over their account usage, and includes,
    • Team management: invite and manage team members, assign roles and permissions, create user profiles and more.
    • Audit logs: empower users with full visibility over their account activity.
    • Webhooks: allow customers to subscribe to webhook notifications
    • API token generation: allow customers to generate and manage API tokens
  • Frontegg's Admin Portal layer:
    • Login box: use Frontegg's embeddable login box to let your users authenticate quickly, hassle free.
    • Enterprise Single-Sign-On (SSO): add SSO to integrate with enterprise IdPs using protocols such as SAML and OIDC.
    • Social Single-Sign-On (SSO): add social login SSO to remove barriers for easy login, to allow your users to maintain one identity.
    • Multi Factor Authentication: add another layer of security for your users by allowing them to login using advanced MFA methods.
    • Advanced security measures: power up your login with advanced security features such as Captcha, Account lockout, new device recognition, and more.

Frontegg pricing

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Frontegg screenshots

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