LaunchNotes makes it easy to keep customers and people inside your company up to speed on product changes.

About LaunchNotes

LaunchNotes is a web based application for communicating product changes to customers and people inside your company. People use LaunchNotes when it feels like product change updates are all over the place and people aren't in the loop on product changes big and small.

We built LaunchNotes because we felt the pain of trying to keep up with all the changes the product team was launching. We also felt it as customers ourselves of the SaaS apps we depend on daily. We were missing critical updates that broke workflows and often surprised us as users.

At our core we're product nerds. We love shiny new features and the polish that comes along with them. We believe you should shout from the mountain tops all the exciting new stuff you're working on. We believe people should be excited by change. Not surprised by it.

LaunchNotes screenshots

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